Linear Motion – Single Axis Linear Stepper Motor from H2W Technologies

Linear Motion - Single Axis Linear Stepper from H2W Technologies

Traveling at speeds up to 80 in/sec. [2 m/sec], with stroke lengths to 144 in. [3.6 m], and acceleration to 1G, these 2 and 4 phase linear steppers are ideal for: Pick-and-place, wire bonding, parts transfer, semiconductor wafer handling, inspection machines, and other robotic applications. Four models offered 2 lbs [9 N], 6 lbs. [27 N], 10 lbs. [45 N] and 20 lbs [89 N] of continuous force. This new series of single axis linear steppers with a low profile high flex, long life ribbon cable also includes the motor, bearings and positioning system with home position, and optional end-of-travel limits integrated into a compact package.

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